About Mirasol

Mirasol is a worldwide children’s aid project, the arts, sports and children together brings.

We are an international non-profit organization.

Our goal is to provide and create safe environments worldwide,

geared towards the betterment of underprivileged children lives through unique and supportive education,

the careful nurturing of creativity, and the provide support for those stuck in the cycle of poverty, and abuse. 


In free workshops children will open new perspectives and promote their individual talents. We are committed especially for street children and the integration of children with disabilities.

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Our concept in brief:

Interactive: fun and joy
Integrative and inclusive: Help without Frontiers
International: Help has no language
Intercambio: Colorful exchange
Intuitively: School of Intuition
Informative: Art forms
Individual: Protection of Children

Mirasol Konzept Blume

How, where, when, what?

The project will start in march 2014 for the first time with a group of 15 children between 5 and 11 years in the slum (favela) “Ilha do Juaneiro” in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.


And now you come!

For the success of the project, we need all the help we can get.

We welcome any artists, athletes or volunteers who would like to offer a workshop.

And we are pleased about every kind and cash donations that will help us to build the project.

Jetzt spenden mit betterplace.org!

If you say now, an artist I am not, I have not even money, we say great, you can still help us with your commitment and energy.

We regularly sell to different markets in Berlin Artesania whose proceeds go directly to the project. Later, we will also sell the art projects the children from the project.

Take a workshop with children in a German kindergarten and tell them about the project here. The things that you developed in the workshop, for example, you can offer to our information booths to sell for fundraising proceeds. To help children to children.

You can stand at the information booth or give a presentation in kindergartens and schools with Us
do a flea market stand with old things you no longer need and donate the proceeds to the project
help us in organizing a charity campaign
you would like to give a benefit concert, then:

Just write us or call us. We look forward to you!

Contact: Mirasol e.V.
Address: Mira Meckelein, Elßholzstraße 6, 10781 Berlin
Email: mirasol@outlook.de
Tel: 0176-22736685