Mirasol in Brazil

The Mirasol Project first lauched with a group of 15 children in Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil. Olinda is seated next to the city Recife.

karte Brazil

In Brazil and expecially in the big cities you can find Favelas / communidades.

Those are neighbourhoods, where poor people can afford to live. The children in those areas have to confront a lot of violence and some are forced to go to work for financing the family.


Children due to their life circumstances are all too soon expected and required to take responsibility for their family. This is partly to act as breadwinners, and assist in the struggle to survive.  As such, they go to work on the street preventing them from continuing their education, or taking the steps that would allow them to live and have a better future.

Their work is often menial, they sell chewing gum, clean car windows, and on a darker note sell drugs, and some even fall prey to child prostitution rings as it is seemingly the only opportunity.

This life robs them not only of their education but also of their childhood which is in our minds essential to healthy personal, physical, and psychological growth. 

Robbed of their childhood they are unable to develop properly and are often the subject of physical, and sexual abuse, as well as they are often injured or killed. The necessity to provide for their families forces them to endlessly live according to the cycle of poverty in which they were born.


The children of Mirasol are:

– children’ between 5-11 years

– children living in the Favela with or without handicap

– streetkids

– children who have to confront violence and (sexual) abuse


– we are offering a street work project in the Favela for kids.



–  free workshops from local and international artists and volunteers

– rebuilding self esteem through play, movement, dance, music and art

– getting new perspectives

– individual encouragement

– education regarding languages, environmental protection, sex education, racial discrimination, drug use and addiction



The big experience for the kids will be to communicate without words through dance and music.